The Lion’s Share are Tom Blackburn and Jimmy Grayburn, an up-and-coming folk duo based in London. Weaving dark folk tales and upbeat rootsy stomps with banjo, guitar and vocal harmonies, they met at University College London and have played at folk venues all over London. Catch them this summer with tour dates to be announced soon!

Jimmy Grayburn


Jimmy Grayburn is known for his banjo, his beard, and his tireless promotion of and contribution to the folk scene in UCL and London. Hailing from the Welsh Marches, Jimmy is the chief songwriter and lead singer of the Lion’s Share.



Tom Blackburn


Tom Blackburn was born in Wales and plays folk guitar and the occasional fiddle. When he’s not folking around, he can sometimes be found pretending to be George Harrison in Beatles cover band The Oxford Beatles. Having also performed solo in London folk clubs, he plays his guitar in open tunings.


Contact The Lion’s Sharelionssharefolk@gmail.com